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Nayef Nawaf, a nine-year-old, was orphaned when fighting between Daesh (Islamic State) and Iraqi forces began in his hometown.
After the death of his parents, he had been drafted to Ashbel, or 'lion cubs' (Daesh children forces) by a relative when he ran from Fallujah to Baghdad in search of shelter and his older brother.

Thousands of children have been orphaned and displaced in Iraq's bloody past—some cared for by extended family members, others left to their own devices. Nayef is one of these forgotten children. He lives in The Safe House—a charity-run orphanage in Baghdad—and despite the lack of funding to keep it running, its founder and manager, Hisham Al Thahabi, continues to house children like Nayef, saving them from their demise. But, unfortunately, each of these children has its own tragic story.
The film, shot over nine months, follows the story of Nayef and his friends living in The Safe House.

3days in Şingal

Ali Arkady, an Iraqi journalist and photographer, decided to embark on a daring mission to the city of Sinjar in Mosul in 2014, shortly after it was occupied by ISIS. His goal was to become an embedded journalist, joining the Kurdish forces as they entered the city for three days of intense battles.

You shoot I print

An Iraqi filmmaker follows a group of artists from Ukraine who opposes the war by printing posters

A documentary film by the artist and director Ali Arkady, who joins the Ukrainian artist Misha Zavaliy in his fight against the war in Ukraine through art. To do this, they print posters using the same equipment that was used during World War II. Their journey also reveals, more broadly, the impact of war on the lives of artists and their work.

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